To Be Seen

By Dina Varellas, TIWP Board Member A poem inspired by the young writers of the Intuitive Writing Project Scared, she suppresses silently in the shadow of shame. Her rage is but a beautiful storm wet with passion and fiery. Eager to ripen and harvest. Spark beauty out of darkness. Flame into creation. She wants to […]

On Aging and Revolution

By Elizabeth Perlman (Elizabeth is the Executive Director of TIWP, whose girl’s empowerment space was recently taken over by a woman’s “permanent cosmetics” salon. The irony is not lost on us!) Yesterday, I looked at the ever-darkening circles under my eyes and shuddered. “God help me,” I always say, as if God should be bothered […]

A New Me

By Lisa T. Wood, Treasurer of Board of The Intuitive Writing Project My intuition whispered to me softly—lay fallow like the rich, productive fields and something new will grow. So I cleared the field of my life, turned it over, aerated it and then let it be. Oh, it’s not as if I did “nothing.” […]

They Do Not Teach You This In School

By Tracy Poff, TIWP Women’s Program What is school? Is school the brick building with desks and chairs?  It is the place where you put your tushie in a seat and listen to someone else talk? Words don’t teach. Your life on Earth is the real school.  What did you learn when you ate so […]

You Will Shine On Him

By Ariele Taylor, TIWP Woman’s Program My sweet friend, truly you walk with God. Your spirit—humble and unafraid. Open. Your eyes—a beacon, radiating light, filled with tears, depending on the conversation. Your body—following your heart, ready to embrace or celebrate the divine every day. I imagine you next to that hospital bed holding your son, […]

Let the Girl Be.

By Melissa Quiter, TIV Editor-in-Chief  “Let the girl go!”Or just let the girl be. I know I am scared of searching for that treasure hidden inside inside me. It is a scary process –  unearthing your true self and unleashing your maximum power upon this earth. In the end, I will likely discover that I […]

What I Know To Be True, II

By Tracy Poff, TIWP Women’s Program I know I am taken care of I know I have assistance I know I am OK I know all is well I know there is absolute truth I know I am Love. I know this life is not mine I know I am both of the Whole and […]

What I Know To Be True

By Ariele Taylor, TIWP Women’s Program   We all need to be loved. We all need to be seen even if just by one person and feel their acceptance of us. What I know is we need to dare to love other people. But we can’t do it until we love ourselves. What’s true is […]