Dear Up-n-Comer

This past June, we asked our seniors to write a letter of encouragement to the next generation of rising freshmen girls. This letter was written by Veronika Pister, a graduate of both TIWP and Miramonte’s class of 2017. Dear Up-n-Comer, I remember my first year of high school. It’s one of those things that you […]

My Heart

By Izzy Gravano, TIWP Student My heart is for flying. And watching sunsets. My heart is for the moment when cool water cleanses the palette and starts something over. My heart is for the curls that can’t sit still and the moles that darken. My heart is for heartbreak and disappointment. Doubt and deceit. Passion […]

Anxiety Vs. Logic

By Audrey Lambert, TIWP Student I drummed my fingers on the table. “Hey,” said a sort of acquaintance that I knew from school. “Oh, um, hi,” I scooted over so that he could sit next to me. Shouldn’t have done that, said Anxiety, now you have to make small talk. Don’t be ridiculous, said Logic, […]

A Short Rant

By Lily Abells, TIWP Student It’s all too much to deal with, this massive overload of stress—like what if I miss a due date or turn in my application to the wrong place or (oh god!) what if the file gets deleted and I have to start over?! I don’t know how I’d deal with […]


By Sofia Ruiz, TIWP student I hate it when you burn my grasping fingertips. But I love the warmth, and the moment before the sting – I am invincible. I don’t need someone to tell me that I am alright. I don’t need you to comfort me. I got my own back. People warn me that I’m playing […]

I Love

By Emily C., TIWP Student I love the way the ground smells after it rains—fresh and clean and new. I love the way the flowers flow in the wind, hugging each other with every gust of wind that comes their way. I love the way the sun rises and sets everyday and produces colors in […]

A To Do List of Love

By Megan Lewis, TIWP student Fall in love with the complexity of falling leaves in September. Take inspiration from your power to create—and your freedom to choose this power. Understand that what you love may someday break your heart. Find small beauties in common places like bus stops or coffee stands. Take note of the […]

My Verbal Space

By Izzy Gravano, TIWP Student I think about the verbal space as a balloon or brown paper bag with an opening at one end, breathing in….and out. The bad stuff filling it up as an inhale, then an exhale with relief. Words dance on the sound waves like a bow shot from an arrow going […]


By Riley McCormick, TIWP student There’s nothing quite like crying at your computer at 5PM, tears rolling down your cheeks between twin size duvet covers and decorative picture frames that you know will only hold memories in a year’s time. There’s nothing quite like crying while finishing a housing application, sobs breaking your heart as […]

Thoughts from the Floor of a Bathroom During a Bat Mitzvah

By Harper Bergquist, TIWP Student My sister is popular and it really is irritating me because she has 10,000 friends and I have two. Hiding in the bathroom is not the best way to spend a party. I complain way too much. I’m glad you didn’t leave me on Monday because I was hella sad […]