Leaping Faith

By Noah Orosco, TIWP Student I know you’ve been struggling, trying to find a little bit of emotion.Lately you’ve been thinking, I hope you hear the words through all the commotion.Let me light the dark path that seems to sway your sight.Your future can be bright, you just need new insight.I promise you this thundering […]

Déjà Vu

By Louisa Perry-Picciotto, TIWP Student Flowing throughout my eyes  comes the whisper  of the ensuing moments  captured in seconds  through the film playing  in the blank of my mind,  hidden behind a screen of deception  that is pulled back by the thoughtless mind when drifting away on a sea of the past collection of memories  […]

One Love

By Aly Kirke, TIWP Student I want someone to love me like warm sunshine on my back. I want someone to touch me the way a raindrop does when it falls on a leaf. I want someone to fight with me like a storm, where each one ends with cool light and the smell of peace. I want […]


By Louisa Perry-Picciotto, TIWP Student Rain splatters on the cheeks,  tossed from the compacted space, disregarded between the eyes.  Droplets gravitate towards  the shaking platform  which is holding onto  the calm of the ocean waves that are spurred on by every drop  to the point that they terrify  the oncoming storm.  Dry lands watch the […]


By Louisa Perry-Picciotto, TIWP Student She is always thinking about that, one voice haunted by a thousand layers, screaming out “you’re not good enough,”whispering “do better” in her ears, echoing her involuntary thoughts, turning them into seemly inspiring words that she forces herself to ponder, to evolve from. But is it really evolving or is she becoming the image that she wants to see […]

My Shadow

By Louisa Perry-Picciotto, TIWP Student I love my shadow. She is the print on the ground,  reflection of the sun’s path,  moving alone, never daring to stray.  I love my shadow.  She curves, avoiding the potholes, adapting to the hard corners, flowing over the rough bumps  of the unseen to road.  I love my shadow.  […]

Letting Go

By Libby Hawkins, TIWP Student Unclenching my fists, taking a deep breath, letting go. Understanding I can’t change the past, present or future, realizing people will do what they do. Let it go. Simple, right? But what about the things that I need help or attention so you don’t lose them? There has been so […]

Childhood Summer

By Scarlett Mosher, TIWP Student Sickly sweet lavender, sweeter than rainbow popsicle stains. Sweeter than sunlight and curling rose leaves, lazy shadows on sunburnt legs, spiny hands of oak leaves beneath t-shirt backs. Suffocating summer air, stuffy and pressing, a hot towel to a sick forehead, tasting the hum of bees, echo of pool water […]

Let the Girl Go

By Libby Hawkins, TIWP Student “I have a right to collaborate with creativity. I’m on a mission of artistic liberation, so let the girl go.”  ― Elizabeth Gilbert Let the little girl go. Let the older girl go. Let the girl (who was almost a woman) go. Let the little boy go. Let the older […]

The Pond

By Cate Foy, TIWP Student bubbles pop at the surface of a pond that looks serene. the bubbles mark the end of a life that went unseen. beneath the placid ponds pretense sinks a ship without a sail. words that weep through whispers wild this fatality from a false fail. have I failed you wondering […]