By Leighton Tanaka, TIWP Student Blue dawn across cold fingertips. Out the open window,  summer sky through the willow. Eyes wide, hollow spaces. Birds weave. Frail clouds. Slumber is gone. A silent call. Awaken slow. Dragged by the breeze. The calls of the raven, beckonings of the sea. The death of the daylight. Filter through, comes the sun. Touch the skin. Await the call. Before trying, the long day fades away. Words fall […]

From Eden (for mom)

By Harper McIntyre, TIWP Student We were born with broken legs crying and unable to move we walked on with broken legs keeping our tears in and learning to help ourselves we were born in EdenEden is my home Eden is dying inside me with every sin I commit a reflection of everything Eve could […]

A Sacred Downpour

By Caroline Hesby, TIWP college student I step into the showerwith bricks on my shouldershot and stingingthis cubicle becomes my laboratoryinvisible checklists written on the wallsand years of guilt, memories of madness, visions of a future–all pour out of the showerhead with pressure Once upon a time, we started to praise efficiency before consciousness,and now […]


By Clara V, TIWP Student She wasn’t prettyPretty wasn’t the right word for itShe was beautiful, but not in the easy wayYou had to have been looking for it in order to see itand some people would miss it entirely Because her beauty wasn’t in the shape of her head but the way she held […]

In the Stars

By Viviana Sanchez, TIWP Student You’re sweet as cotton candy and deep as the pacific. Your as intricate as mushroom roots  and because of that you’re wise. So that’s why I think you’re telling the truth. That’s why, when you told me up on the roof, you’d figured it out, I believed you.  You did […]

This Dream

By Auhona Newaz, TIWP Student Ok, ok, let me start from the beginning. I was sleeping and sleeping even though I couldn’t sleep and I dreamed about me and who was it? Oh yeah, I remember it was Margret and I’ll admit it, this dream was kinda hazy and crazy and dazey.                                                                                           Where was […]

Declaration of Love

By Kea Yoshinaka, TIWP Student This morningI woke to scattered light across my comforter,an elegant ballet of sunbeam dancers,the tinkle of piano keys swirling through the air. And the scent of blooming poppiesrushed gracefully through my mindlooping down my lungs. I opened my mouth and let a bouquet spring up.Daisies, lavender, tulips.We make eye contact.I wonder […]

Moon Girl

By Viviana Sanchez, TIWP Student She felt that’s where she must stay,in the stars,far away,looking down upon the world with half-closed eyes,breathing in, drinking up lies. She was selfish.Cold.Hypocritical, judgmental, paranoid.Hurtful and harmful.She didn’t want to be.But do the morning birds mean to wake you? No and that is the cycle of the universe,the march […]

Feng Shui

By Caroline Hesby, TIWP College Student the flow of wind and water.the flow of qi — cosmic current,cosmic energycosmic energya source of life and prosperityflowing through a village,cleansing Earth as it goes. the flow of wind and water. I crack open my chest andentice the cosmic current.I hear it whispering around me as I walk,like […]

As It Is

By Kea Yoshinaka, TIWP Student To see things as they areis to see the bags under your eyes,to see the shaking hands of your friends,to see the tears of the girl in the cornerthat you preferred to imagine as a peaceful recipient of life’s many gifts. To know things as they areis to feel the […]