By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student I think I figured it out.FinallyFinallyI think I figured you out.Last week I remembered the word toxicAnd it didn’t fit you.TOXICMeans tequila that doesn’t go downMeans bile in my throatMeans dad yelling at meMeans my trash bin when it’s that time of the monthMeans dirtyMeans wrongBut not you.Never you.Toxic is […]

Happy Thots

By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student Before I met youI had pretty much given upOn BFF’sAnd friendship braceletsAnd promises about how we’d never fight.I’d been scarred so much,This doesn’t feel right,I’m almost there but just Not Quite. And I read a book the other dayAnd this girlShe loved her friend so muchThat she said“I love you”With […]

The Wonders of Writing

By Audrey Howard, TIWP Student At times the words flowfreely and at libertyat other timesthe words come like dew droplets in a land plagued by droughtlike trying to drink from a bare, dry, desolate wellthey can be gloriousshouts of prevailing victorya story incomparably divinepoetry simply wondourousenrapturingheavenly delightful, captivating, enthrallingthey can be bittershouts of losecries stemmed […]

Too Much

By Maeve Clinger, TIWP Student sometimes i feel my voice is too loud, that it echoes for miles and miles and those around me cover their ears. i feel i am too… much for everybody, too bright, too big,  i am taking up space that is not mine to take. the universe is so big, […]

Melting Clock

By Maeve Clinger, TIWP Student days go by and by i can’t remember what day it is or what year it is where i am where i was where i will be  everything fades in and out conversations  they say  “where did you go?” “are you even listening to me?” “where is your mind!?” to […]


By Maeve Clinger, TIWP Student “c’mon guys!” your friends walk into the pumpkin patch.its dark, the only light is from the full hear whispers,but a part of you doesn’t think its from your group.the bravest are in the front, the timid ones in the back.halloween is the one night when the patch is closedbut you […]

You = Everything

By Maeve Clinger, TIWP Student i will miss you like the sun misses the stars because i think i have figured it out i am allergic to all people, all people except you. i will bring you down like rain heaving clouds because i hold on too tight and instead of drifting away i am […]

The Ballerina

By Maeve Clinger, TIWP Student she is the pure essence of grace each step, each twirl, each leap are flowing with beauty and thought her face is painted with a sweet, soft smile of wistfulness and devotion everything she does is captivating  she is satin, and silk, and lace she is dew, and sun, and […]


By Audrey Howard, TIWP Student She would give you dances in the moonlightShe would do many things for youShe could burn the universe down for youShe would give you wondrous timesHer beauty stands aloneShe would give you everything you wantedYou could be godlikeYou could be rich beyond human conceptionYou could be a creature of the […]

Rose Tinted Telescope

By Olivia Tiffin, TIWP Student And through my rose tinted telescope, i’ll watch you as you sit beside the waves at night,As I ponder your life without me in sight.I’ll watch you in your hopeless night,As you cry in the sand as the waves wrap around your light.And I will wish for those suny days […]