By Ava Moga, TIWP Student My stomachs too big.You’ll learn that it’s curvy. My arms take up space.You’re arms are strong and can hold up a whole world. My eyelashes are short.Forget about them look at your beautiful green eyes. My eyebrows are too bushy.You won’t think that when your fifty. He doesn’t like me […]

Flesh and Bone

By Viviana Sanchez, TIWP Student To understand the philosophy of a yearning heart To feel the cobweb of wired words Is to cut of the hydra’s head And dig yourself in deeper Oscillating between highly spiritual and magnificently scientific The brain is a battle field of the holdable and the emotional I suppose human nature […]

The Sea

By Viviana Sanchez, TIWP Student The sea, of course, the sea The sea, the pearls, the sand, the sea Meddles and mixed where ought not to be reclusive, reluctant, full of Wim and woe is she Noble and static as can be In and from the sea That is where she will lay, the salty […]

Return to the Sea

By Viviana Sanchez, TIWP Student Everything you’ve ever known Belongs to the water And back to the water it will go eventually Because our bodies are never really ours And our knowledge is never really ours to keep It belongs to the sea To the saltiness, to the sand To the tide, to the shore […]

We Write

By Viviana Sanchez, TIWP Student Bones and marrow Flesh and blood The conscious mind A mental bind The river of letters Forming the sound structures of my sentences There is no reason, no time Between metaphysical and what is under our finger tips The reason we write is to sing with no voice To paint […]


By Viviana Sanches, TIWP Student Let me stare at stars And wish for the ground Let there be a revolution, a cause, a battle Some kind of definition for this disaster I wish I could fly Oh how far I would go Past the forest that lingers past light Past the sea, yes the sea, […]

My Pigeon

By Eleni Pham, TIWP Student cute and littlecute little pigeon but fat body.people have been feeding him.i want to call him fim. but when he flies away i want to sway away.every time i see fim i always think of when i will miss him. his colors are blue and white. I really wish he […]

Letting Go

By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student My dad called it snowed – The way you looked at us like you loved us in your past life.Snowed Means sedatedMeans over-medicatedA last resort. Why are we at our last resort? You used to be the most vibrant person I knew,And now you’re reachingReachingReachingFor my nameFor my handFor the TV remoteStare at […]


By Lena Matthews, TIWP Student The petal drifted down bustled by the windNo choice but going down, down down No choice but going downPassing treesThen bushes flowers budsBeaten by the rain Blown by the wind Dried by the sun Covered by the snowLiving through seasons Summers winters The petal drifted down Landing on the pavement Getting stepped on by boots Big boots, small bootsTennis shoes, […]

In the End

By Lena Matthews, TIWP Student You walked down the road smiling all the way You painted our fears away, away, awayYou painted our fears awayEverything you touched Turned to bright glowing gold You kept the dark away You let the sun shine When the rain came you just kept walking Down the road, down the road, down the roadYou just kept walking down […]