I Never Knew

By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student Watching the world on repeatFrom my chipping, white windowsillCouldn’t pull the fluttering curtains shut.Couldn’t change the channel.Because I couldn’t even stand. The colors outside were so blindingly blandThat I couldn’t even look at them anymoreThe bed was too hard.The room was too hot.The time held too still.The bus went too […]

My Economy

By Emma Stokes, TIWP Student I hate inflationNot economicallyBut the inflation that happens when you start to raise your standards and realize I’m not as amazing as you thoughtThe inflation were you move on and the value of our love goes up but makes it less meaningfulOne day it will happenI’m not preparedMy economy will […]

Love Me

By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student Ivy climbing into the holes in my heart,Clenching harder and harder,Till we all fall apart. Air balloons will drift me awayFrom this world in black and white,I wish it was grey. Kindergarten lanternsNo real fire,Let go of what you believeFly higher, higher, higher We’ll test our limitsUntil we crack,You can’t […]


By Sarah Hawkins, TIWP Student “I am not perfect. I am the perfect me.” —Samantha Ruth Prabhu I am not perfect.I mess up.I learn.I am sensitive.I am honest.I regret.I’ll do it differently next time.I feel stressed.I take a break.I cry.I let myself feel.I am the perfect me.

A Balloon

By Ariella Garfinkle, TIWP Student  “You know the truth: sometimes it does hurt that much.” —Eve Ensler It’s okay to feel.It’s okay to cry.It’s okay to scream.You need to feel from the tips of your toesto the crown of your head.A balloon filled to the brimwith emotionson the edge of poppingis inevitably a disasterthat’s a […]

A Girl

By Ariella Garfinkle, TIWP Student  “It’s only because I’m a girl.” — Eve Ensler am I good enough? too loud? too curious? am I making the right decision? window shopping only keeps the picture pretty from a distance. “she’s so well-raised.” “such a sweet girl.” “you must be so proud.” curtains protecting glassfrom shattering. what happens when the eyes are drawn away? no one in the luminous […]

The Bedroom

By Genet Dutto, TIWP Student The little hideawayclustered in the corner,covered with white linenand a scent of sweet rosemary.A comfortable, sheltered islandisolated from the rest.With sparks of creationtowering above,a diva-like pillow infiltratedby an iridescent look.Captured by the light,it beams joywaiting to meet again.As night falls,the eyes follow,then the body,asking the worldto stop motion.

Oh, To Be Loved

By Kea Yoshinaka, TIWP Student Her mornings start wrapped in white silk sheets,golden hair spilling over her thin shouldersand she rises with the sun. She isn’t awake until layer upon layer of cream,serum, blushes, and powders are applied.She is not herself until she is beautiful.  As the final stroke of gloss is applied to pouty […]

Wild Nights.

By Viviana Sanchez, TIWP Student Wild nights!These strange delightsSo dark and scarlet in our embraceIn our candle lightBurning in ours eyes which 1000 of your tears cannot extinguishWe wear lace in the dead of nightSewn from a 1000 doe lashesLocked ashed fingers because we fear togetherOut the door and past the sea oh’ the sea, […]

Je Te Pardonne

By Kea Yoshinaka, TIWP Student I am going to let go of my hatred for you.I am going to release the way you took hold of my mind so early and slowly scrambled it into indecipherable pieces. I no longer despise you for changing the way you didand the choices you made along the way that […]