This Is My Love

By Isabella G., TIWP Student I want to fight for a kind of love that means something.  I want to fight for a love that opens the door for me, and holds my hand when it needs to be held.  I want a love different from anyone else’s. I want a love that bleeds outside […]

Mother Earth

By Julia Lima, TIWP Student (Inspired by the Mary Oliver poem, The Summer Day, in which she asks, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”) you begin a moon round, yellow, and almost too full beyond the trees behind the world you burn and melt and drip into […]


By Lucy Terhar, TIWP Student Why are people mean? Because they are feeling hurt? Because they are sad? Because they are mad? Because they think it’s funny? Because there’s nothing else to do? Because they don’t understand what their actions can do? Because they are insecure? Because they are sensitive themselves? Because they think putting […]

Daydreaming My Reality

By Isabella G., TIWP Student I’m still daydreaming my reality into being. I am asking the fates up above to weave a truth for me that I can cherish.  I am anxious to learn how it will shape me. I am anxious to embrace it because I know it will be filled with highs and […]

Track the Package

By Isabella G., TIWP Student I would like more Patience, please. If you could leave it in a box on my doorstep I will open it when I get home from school. It doesn’t need to be wrapped in a bow or come with a card. I don’t think I’m asking for much. I would […]

Ultimate Rebirth

By Julia Lima, TIWP Student she decided to rebirth herself she started with her body she stripped off the rubbery layer of skin from her loose limbs she peeled off her wounds her scars her souvenirs next she moved to her heart she scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed until the thick layer of dust had […]


By Ryann Drue, TIWP Student Woman. A word I believe to hold a vast spectrum of dignity and pride. A word that does not stand beside but engulfs the true meaning of what it is to be strong, to be powerful. A word I believe to hold the fierce beauty of a glowing fire. But […]

The Evacuation Theorem

By Ashley Larson, TIWP Student Guns. Guns on land. Guns of different brands. Gun that are small and guns that are grand. Guns for hands. Guns hidden in the Florida sand. Guns still aren’t banned. Fire away mentally ill renegades. Fire on this day. Fire at school today. Fire through the lung’s airway. Fire at […]

The Coffee Shop

By Neena Grewal, TIWP Student Have you been to the coffee shop? Hang a left at 3rd and 4th. It’ll be at the end of the block. Enter and witness the wonder that life mocks. An old man sighs, a baby cries. In the corner, lovers kiss. Walk in a little farther And you will […]

A Rhyme for the Men

By Julia Lima, TIWP Student a slut. a whore. a prude. a bore. one man, two men, three men, four. sexualization and hate galore! you can’t shame here, you can’t shame there, you can’t shame her anywhere! short skirt, long skirt, no skirt at all, small girl, thin girl, wide girl, tall, in the car, […]