A Rock and A River

By Sol Dente, TIWP Student Down the hill and right a ways from my house lies a rock. I cannot tell you its size or its shape, nor what colors the sun choses to paint it as when it sinks below the waterline or how it feels to run a calloused fingertip over its bumps […]

Foot Gazing

By Ava Skidgel, TIWP Student The train’s doors rushed open and busy feet stepped across the crack that separated the station’s city floor and the train. Above me, a sign that flashed “Crosby” indicated the train’s whereabouts. My head was perched downwards and I was observing the passing feet that trekked and treaded through the […]

The Clock Ticks

By Ellis Murphy, TIWP Student I sit in the waiting room. The clock ticks, the pendulum swings. I look back at how I got here. At the series of events that led to this moment. The clock ticks, the pendulum swings. I remember the people chasing me. The woman in the alley. “Come with me […]

Don’t Look Up

By Eleanor Wilson, TIWP Student “There’s something behind you.” That was the last thing I heard my father say. That day still haunts me. The feeling of being shoved under water. It whispering in low tones to let it in. And in that moment I realized, the end had begun. Running. The loud sound of […]

A Fiction Story About Love

By Jessica Anderson, TIWP Student I love you Anna, I love the way you smile, the way you laugh, and I love you. You make me happy everyday and when we go on walks you bring a bag then pick up all the trash you see. It brightens my heart when you enter each room […]

Night Writing

By Zara Quiter, TIWP Student I can make shadows dance. Late at night, under the covers when the bright streetlight peeks through the blinds, illuminating a tiny corner of my room. And then it starts to move, on the mirror, on the door. And a small voice in my head. About a hero, who wants […]

Piano Music

By Eva Richey It sounded like piano music and it was coming from my living room. I opened my eyes wide, the white duvet on my bed now seeming like extremely pathetic protection. As the piano music continued – an eerie tune that sounded like a haunted version of “twinkle twinkle little star” – my […]

The Gulls

By Lily St. Clair-Foster, TIWP Student I’m floating in water. Next to me, Nana is bobbing on her back, looking up at the same blue sky, her arms trailing behind her in slow unrushed motions. I take a deep breath, closing my eyes as I try to hear stuff with my ears submerged. Seagulls scream […]

The Room

By Lily St. Clair-Foster, TIWP student Room, what is a room? She knows you’ll say three walls and a door. But she disagrees. A room is a space big enough to fit stuff comfortably. Comfortable… one of the many things that didn’t describe this “Room.” It was small and disclosed, far enough into a corner […]

The Final Ride

By Leela Ganguly I entered the gate, the dim lights flickering around me and colorful banners hanging from large signs. Kids were shouting happily, sticky messes dribbling down their shirts. Roller coasters sped down tracks, suspended in midair for seconds. Venders cried out for customers and purchasers responded by overwhelming the tents. Families desperately tried […]