Like Me, Like You

By Tania Kiany, TIWP Student Chapter one Once upon a time, when nobody was someone, a girl was born. Her name is Cleo, Cleo Wonder. And when she turned ten she started believing anyone, yes anyone, is SOMEONE. 5 YEARS LATER……………………….. Cleo is 15, and has made many friends. She is in high school and […]

The Garden

By Maya Petzoldt, TIWP Student “Why do you have a secret compartment underneath your bed?”“Why do I have a what?”Sophia looked up from her place on my bed to stare at me. She quickly sat straight up when she noticed that I was holding her mattress up and staring down at the empty space below […]

What’s Hiding?

By Maya Petzoldt, TIWP Student A drake hides in your jewelry box,And fae in your garden.Mermaids sneak within your pipes,And imps within your walls.Centaurs walk your halls,And vampires fly through your attic.Werewolves live outside your window,And witches camp outside your doors.Gods live under your bed,And demons have made a home in your floors.But reality has […]


By Maya Petzoldt, TIWP Student “Can you write a story about nothing?”“Why couldn’t you?”“Because don’t words have meaning?”“Words don’t have to mean anything.”“But they do!”“That’s your opinion.”“Of course it’s my opinion, what else would it be?”“Facts, which it isn’t.”“Don’t you agree that words have definitions?”“Depends.”“Depends on what?”“Do you want them to?”“Yes!”“Then they have definitions for […]

The Presence

By Cameron Drue, TIWP Student It’s been seven years since the day I died. It is crazy to see how much has changed since my last real human interaction. Of course every few months I’m able to give small signs of my presence but usually they go unnoticed or are brushed off as a hallucination. […]

Pink Polka-dots

By Evelyn Anders, TIWP Student It’s second period, I’m sitting next to Grayson Turner and cursing out Amanda in my head. She had promised to buy me Subway over our hectic call last night if I did one thing in return. Combined with snickers and giggles, she demanded I wear my old, pink polka-dotted onesie, […]

The Spirit Communicator

By Cleo Liu, TIWP Student My parents had left me and my older brother, Andrew, at home. It was raining hard. Tip tap tip tap. Fat raindrops hit our brick roof. Suddenly, Boom! Lightning struck the town nearest to our cottage in the forest. I shut my eyes and cover my ears. I feel my […]

The Shadow Monster

By Evie Smith, TIWP Student October is my favorite month. I like to call it “Spooky Season.” Watching scary movies and snuggling by the fire. Eating candy corn. Planning my Halloween costume. It was a hard day at work today, and all I wanted to do was cuddle in a pile of blankets with my […]

The Murder of Rosalie Sanders

By Emma Glanville, TIWP Student On December 17th, 1976, the town of Mayward grieved over the death of young Rosalie Sanders. She had gone missing 2 days prior but a body was found in the river and the police suspected it to be hers. Everybody loved Rosalie. She was always cheery and very bright. No […]

The Ugly Princess

By Evie Broce, TIWP StudentOnce upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess. The princess wasn’t just beautiful, she was also cruel. She always swatted away animal creatures, and sprayed bug spray on butterflies. But one day, her Mother told her that she had to move out of the castle for punishment. The princess then […]