From Here to Each Other (part 1)

by Violet G. Collins, TIWP Student Once upon a time there were two girls who were the most popular girls. One day, they were in their classroom working, when their teacher called roll. She said, “Emerald…” (that was one girl’s name). Then she said, “Lily…” (that was the other girl’s name). They were very happy, […]

The Bone Fairies

By Annabelle Kennedy, TIWP Student They called them Bone Fairies.  They were said to be tall as giants, with gray skin, dark, empty eyes, and tall, curving horns made of bone, ridged and sharp. Dust-colored braids hung around their heads, the color of stone. Their faces were lined, and they had sharp teeth that started […]

Choose Your Own Adventure . . . if you dare!

By Gwyneth Ayers, TIWP Student Once upon a time, there was a boy and his parents who moved into a giant mansion. They got to the door and saw a letter that read: GO UPSTAIRS, BUT DON’T GO INTO THE ROOM ON THE RIGHT. They listened to the warning and didn’t go in there. But […]

Rapunzel – the real story

By Lena Matthews, TIWP Student I hated that stupid girl. All she ever talked about was hair, makeup and boys. Princes, Princes, Princes, Princes!!!! You see, that is why I had to lock her up. You see, I never meant to keep Rapunzel there forever. I just wanted her to change. To not be so […]

The Bench

By Leighton Tanaka, TIWP Student Leaves had fallen on the bitter floor, torn apart and trampled upon, they would not rise again. More dead than alive, withered leaves weakly gripped the trees as the grinding winds attempted to rip them away. Their final struggle before being blown apart from the woods, a last dance with […]

The Smell of Old Leather Books

By Sol Dente, TIWP Student when i was born, the first thing i knew was the smell of old leather books. it permeated the air of my childhood, settled deep into my bones and ran like raindrops down my spine. it was baked into the oxygen in my blood, woven into my hair follicles and […]

If You Steal a Van Full of Cats . . .

By Bryn Van Den Broeck, TIWP Student You work at an animal shelter and you are delivering a van full of cats when you start to feel hungry. You park the van but you forgot to lock the doors. You are about to walk into the restaurant when you hear the van start and drive away. […]

The Invaders

By Anya Parikh, TIWP Student Chapter 1: The Beginning “The invaders are back,” said Wave. “The scrolls say that the Invaders will come back in three days, but, if you can turn off The Lever of Invading you can stop them from invading us. It is a dangerous adventure but, if you can turn it […]

Remember to Stay

By Leighton Tanaka, TIWP Student A cold, hard chair pushed up against me. It was brown but it was covered in the white buzzing glow of the lights. My teacher droned on in front of us, her heels clicking on the linoleum floors as she paced back and forth. Over and over her shoes found […]

A Voice

By Emma Stokes, TIWP Student She was desperate. Practically on her knees. Begging to talk to anyone. It seemed to her that no one would listen. No one wanted to listen to her long list of problems. The thing is she would never talk. She wouldn’t answer if you asked. She wouldn’t look at you […]