Daughter of the Land

By Audrey Lambert, TIWP Student The daughter of the land wore a striking resemblance to her mother. A stony expression blanketed her features, yet her eyes sparkled with the love of everything—speckled with the pattern of the camouflaged side of a fragile butterfly wing. She had a hard time hiding her own emotions for her […]

Generation: End

By Reagan Kaelle, TIWP Student If you look at the earth from above—a bird’s eye view—it is anything but beautiful. There aren’t even any birds left. All of the sparrows, parrots, and eagles of the world drowned on dry land, choked on all of the gross sludge that polluted our stunning orange sky. My name […]

Earth and Ocean

By Audrey Lambert, TIWP Student Vines grew through the cracks in her skin. They climbed in every direction, wrapping around her ankles and pulling her down into the earth. Her toes were rooted down into soil and her fingers were tangled into spiderwebs. Lady bugs flew out of her ears and caterpillars squirmed from her […]

Gypsy Soul

By Alexia Tzortzis, TIWP Student She had a gypsy soul, that much was easy to tell. You could see it in the lavender sprig she kept in the ankle of her shoe and the silky purple of her hair, the wandering eyes and daydreaming in the back of the class, the turquoise and silver rings, […]

Why They Bloom At Night

By Scarlett Mosher, TIWP Student I haven’t written to her in over a year. And I really should, but the letter sits blank on my desk, and has for months. At this point, it feels like a betrayal to myself to sit down and start writing. Why break my streak and sit among the emotional […]

Just Another Day Avoiding Ritual Sacrifice

By Lizzie Arroyo, TIWP Student Trying to exterminate all Barbie dolls is a good motive, but it’s still murder. I mean, I get it, those dolls are goddamn creepy. Grinning at you with those blinding white teeth and hollow eyes. You could be ritually sacrificed with a machete in front of them and they’d still […]


By Lizzie Arroyo, TIWP Student So, I’m supposed to be writing a poem inspired by the poem “Ulysses” about finishing high school and facing new adventures in my life ahead. Each stanza has to start with the first line in that stanza in “Ulysses.” And I’m going to spend most of the next hour babbling […]


By Zoe Moga, TIWP Student He always said I had eyes like the ocean. Sometimes a stormy blue. Other times a light mix of blue and green. That made me smile like crazy. I always loved the ocean, so when he said that… I don’t know, it just made me a happier person. His eyes […]

Queen of the Heavens

By Lizzie Arroyo, TIWP Student So, I thought too much about ​her​ and now I can’t stop, so I’m just going to get all of ​her out of my system before I go to bed. ​Her​ name was Reyenna Bergljot. The name ​Reyenna ​means “Queen of the Heavens.” I’ve always wondered if that had anything […]

The Island

By Alexia Tzortzis, TIWP Student The island was full of women. A few of them had gotten sick of everything some years ago and decided to leave, to start a sanctuary for woman. The island they reside on is small, a tropical place of beautiful lush forests and plentiful food. A fierce people, they accept […]