Just Another Day Avoiding Ritual Sacrifice

By Lizzie Arroyo, TIWP Student Trying to exterminate all Barbie dolls is a good motive, but it’s still murder. I mean, I get it, those dolls are goddamn creepy. Grinning at you with those blinding white teeth and hollow eyes. You could be ritually sacrificed with a machete in front of them and they’d still […]


By Lizzie Arroyo, TIWP Student So, I’m supposed to be writing a poem inspired by the poem “Ulysses” about finishing high school and facing new adventures in my life ahead. Each stanza has to start with the first line in that stanza in “Ulysses.” And I’m going to spend most of the next hour babbling […]


By Zoe Moga, TIWP Student He always said I had eyes like the ocean. Sometimes a stormy blue. Other times a light mix of blue and green. That made me smile like crazy. I always loved the ocean, so when he said that… I don’t know, it just made me a happier person. His eyes […]

Queen of the Heavens

By Lizzie Arroyo, TIWP Student So, I thought too much about ​her​ and now I can’t stop, so I’m just going to get all of ​her out of my system before I go to bed. ​Her​ name was Reyenna Bergljot. The name ​Reyenna ​means “Queen of the Heavens.” I’ve always wondered if that had anything […]

The Island

By Alexia Tzortzis, TIWP Student The island was full of women. A few of them had gotten sick of everything some years ago and decided to leave, to start a sanctuary for woman. The island they reside on is small, a tropical place of beautiful lush forests and plentiful food. A fierce people, they accept […]

The Woods

By Alexia Tzortzis, TIWP Student We wake at sunrise. Today will be the fifth day we’ve been looking for her. The woods have almost become human. She sent us coordinates in the mail, after disappearing for a month. The two of us set out together. It’s been five days, and we’re still walking through these […]


By Elizabeth Oxendine, TIWP Student They treat her words like fallen eyelashes— meant to be swept into the abyss to join all things delicate. She tests the boundaries of the universe with a yellowing pencil sinking the dull lead further into woven fibers until she’s sure she can puncture the walls of truth. She is […]

Freak Show

By Audrey Lambert, TIWP Student When you’re living a lie, it’s hard to break from the trance. It’s hard to come home and put on the prosthetic legs and pretend like I haven’t been working at the freak show all day. The Miraculous Girl With No Legs is what they call me. Miraculous my ass. […]

Santa Luna, Part 2

By Cate Foy, TIWP Student The town of Santa Luna is one of many mysteries. I have been chronicling some of the preternatural occurrences that have caught my attention in the past months, not that the word months has any meaning here. It started on the 6th night of October, and no one seemed to […]

Won’t I?

By Audrey Lambert, TIWP Student Stop me. Oh, please stop me from leaving. I’ll be gone by tomorrow. Don’t you know that? God, you are so oblivious. I don’t want to move. But I have to. Unless you ask me to stay. Than I would. Stay, I mean. I’ll be on a plane tomorrow morning. […]