The Good Kid

By Sarah Inouye, TIWP Student I am an incredibly, incredibly good kid. That is not to say that I’m getting good grades or that I’m smart or successful or beautiful or extraordinary. It’s to say that I’m a rule-follower.  It’s to say that my opportunities for heroism were almost always shot down by the fear […]

A New Me

By Lisa T. Wood, Treasurer of Board of The Intuitive Writing Project My intuition whispered to me softly—lay fallow like the rich, productive fields and something new will grow. So I cleared the field of my life, turned it over, aerated it and then let it be. Oh, it’s not as if I did “nothing.” […]

Bikini Body B.S.

By Pearl Biggers, TIWP Student Billboards, advertisements, and magazines scream at us: “Get your summer bod in only twenty days!” “How to shape up for summer time bikini season!” “Are you beach body ready?!” As we approach the summer months, we also approach the season of the ever illusive “bikini body.” Women force themselves to […]


By E.C., TIWP Student Why do you do this to yourself: dress nicely for a boy who doesn’t care, ask him how his day was, even though you already know the answer (“Good,” without a “How are you?”), act dumb and pretend you don’t know what a certain phrase means, just so you have an […]

Here You Are

By Jenna Zapalac, Guest Contributor Angry. It’s been a rough day. You’re bursting with emotion, have so many things to say you can’t remember them all. You’re finally alone. Quiet. Peaceful. You feel like screaming, shattering the tranquility of the serene lake and sending a ripple around the world because you have something to say, […]

The Elevator

By Sarah Inouye, TIWP Student They get into the elevator. There is a pause like always—strangers coming in contact with each other for the first time, being forced to talk to each other. They scramble to push the right buttons to their rights floors, bumping hands in a pathetic fashion. One is a middle aged […]

She Was

By Lizzie Odell, TIWP student She was completely whole and yet never fully complete. She was beautiful in an untouchable way, like the man in the moon when a piece of his face is always hidden. I never went looking for her that day that she appeared in my life, as though she was meant […]

Questions Of Her Mirror

By Sophie Bubrick, TIWP student Imagine, imagine waking up each morning to the faceless future of yourself—for all your mirrors have been stripped from their walls in your house. Could you handle having to create your ideal appearance based off of memory—or would you still feel that habitual need to ask your mirror questions from […]