Gypsy Soul

By Alexia Tzortzis, TIWP Student She had a gypsy soul, that much was easy to tell. You could see it in the lavender sprig she kept in the ankle of her shoe and the silky purple of her hair, the wandering eyes and daydreaming in the back of the class, the turquoise and silver rings, […]

Here’s What I’m Telling You

By Ellen Jurgens, TIWP Student Sometimes when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I remind myself of the true nature of my reality. I think about the way in which I relate to the Universe, and conversely, how the Universe relates back to me, how everything is relative and can never be understood. Many of us spend our […]

Cloth Petals

By Elizabeth Oxendine, TIWP Student My daughter likes to spill moist dirt onto her bedroom floor and wait for happiness to grow on dancing green vines. But in the sliver of the world we have left to her, mother nature is barren and so is the soil. All that she nurtures in her garden are […]

If Only

By Rebecca Gunderson, TIWP Student Only the stumps of trees remain. The ice has vanished; polar bears need a new home. The sky is forever gray, coated in a thick layer of smog. Streets are flooded, houses are burnt to a crisp. It’s hotter than it was last year. The ground is dry and cracked; […]

Senses of the Past

By Emily Branigan, TIWP Student Do you remember the sounds of kids playing outside, dirt on their knees and mother’s pleas to come home before dark? Do you remember plastic-less seas, flooding with everlasting life, the turning and churning of currents pumping through every organisms veins as if it were beating to an infinite drum? […]

Two Worlds

By Rebecca Gunderson, TIWP Student She looked over her shoulder in the dark alley. He strutted through it, a bounce in his step. She sat in the corner of the room. He plopped down front and center. She held her tongue in the heated discussion. He spoke over everyone else. She sat at the restaurant, […]

Why They Bloom At Night

By Scarlett Mosher, TIWP Student I haven’t written to her in over a year. And I really should, but the letter sits blank on my desk, and has for months. At this point, it feels like a betrayal to myself to sit down and start writing. Why break my streak and sit among the emotional […]

To All The Boys

By Ryann Drue, TIWP Student I wish I could take back all the times I apologized to all the boys who were never there. All the times their self-indulgence became more victorious than their self-restraint. All the times their selfishness replaced any sense of selflessness. All the times my trust was no longer valid or […]

I Will Not Apologize

By Carmella Roberts, TIWP Student I’m not sorry for sending my food back. I’m not sorry for sitting in “your” seat. I’m not sorry for having an opinion. I’m not sorry that you chose to pack your things and leave. I’m not sorry you don’t get your time, that was your choice. I’m not sorry […]

Just Another Day Avoiding Ritual Sacrifice

By Lizzie Arroyo, TIWP Student Trying to exterminate all Barbie dolls is a good motive, but it’s still murder. I mean, I get it, those dolls are goddamn creepy. Grinning at you with those blinding white teeth and hollow eyes. You could be ritually sacrificed with a machete in front of them and they’d still […]