Dear Up-n-Comer

This past June, we asked our seniors to write a letter of encouragement to the next generation of rising freshmen girls. This letter was written by Veronika Pister, a graduate of both TIWP and Miramonte’s class of 2017. Dear Up-n-Comer, I remember my first year of high school. It’s one of those things that you […]

The Jump

By Lily Abells, TIWP Student “You’re such a big baby,” Joe sneered at her from the middle of the pool. “I am not,” Louisa crossed her arms and looked away. “I just don’t feel like swimming in the same pool as someone gross like you. Her cousin rolled his eyes. “Whatever. That’s a lame excuse. […]

My Heart

By Izzy Gravano, TIWP Student My heart is for flying. And watching sunsets. My heart is for the moment when cool water cleanses the palette and starts something over. My heart is for the curls that can’t sit still and the moles that darken. My heart is for heartbreak and disappointment. Doubt and deceit. Passion […]

Anxiety Vs. Logic

By Audrey Lambert, TIWP Student I drummed my fingers on the table. “Hey,” said a sort of acquaintance that I knew from school. “Oh, um, hi,” I scooted over so that he could sit next to me. Shouldn’t have done that, said Anxiety, now you have to make small talk. Don’t be ridiculous, said Logic, […]

A Short Rant

By Lily Abells, TIWP Student It’s all too much to deal with, this massive overload of stress—like what if I miss a due date or turn in my application to the wrong place or (oh god!) what if the file gets deleted and I have to start over?! I don’t know how I’d deal with […]

The Good Kid

By Sarah Inouye, TIWP Student I am an incredibly, incredibly good kid. That is not to say that I’m getting good grades or that I’m smart or successful or beautiful or extraordinary. It’s to say that I’m a rule-follower.  It’s to say that my opportunities for heroism were almost always shot down by the fear […]

A New Me

By Lisa T. Wood, Treasurer of Board of The Intuitive Writing Project My intuition whispered to me softly—lay fallow like the rich, productive fields and something new will grow. So I cleared the field of my life, turned it over, aerated it and then let it be. Oh, it’s not as if I did “nothing.” […]

Bikini Body B.S.

By Pearl Biggers, TIWP Student Billboards, advertisements, and magazines scream at us: “Get your summer bod in only twenty days!” “How to shape up for summer time bikini season!” “Are you beach body ready?!” As we approach the summer months, we also approach the season of the ever illusive “bikini body.” Women force themselves to […]