A Story of Love

By Ryann Drue, TIWP Student he touched her rosy cheek. passion. his finger traced the lines of the shadows on her face. intimacy. he lifted her chin. affection. he pressed his lips against hers. love. he gave her everything. everything she wanted. he was the everything that she wanted. and she was the same to […]

The World I Want to Fight For

By Sofia Ruiz, TIWP student The World I Want to Fight For. . .  . . . is a world where every child gets to read every book. It is a world where people receive a proper education, and where people understand the value of sharing a story, of sharing a fact, of sharing a […]

I Didn’t Know This Was Inside Me

By Charlotte Houston, TIWP Student If anyone ever makes you feel small, remember you are vast and limitless. The other day I learned that there is no storage capacity for our brains. I always thought that I needed to let go of useless information—like my old best friend’s landline—in order to make room for the […]

Our Last Spring

By Loryn Nieto, TIWP Student Cover me in spring. Cover me in the sweetness of sunlight. Drench me in the stars until they sink into my skin, until my freckles glow in the night. Let’s pitch a tent on the golf course. Let’s squish beneath our blankets, telling secrets against our flashlights. Wake me when […]

Being Woman

By Izzi Roth, TIWP student The foot comes off the gas, and as the tires slowly grab the pebbles off the ground, it goes dark. A voice calls out “hey would you come here a sec” and it all goes dark. You step out of the house and a pair of eyes gropes you from […]

Let the Girl Be.

By Melissa Quiter, TIV Editor-in-Chief  “Let the girl go!”Or just let the girl be. I know I am scared of searching for that treasure hidden inside inside me. It is a scary process –  unearthing your true self and unleashing your maximum power upon this earth. In the end, I will likely discover that I […]

I Am Angry

By Julia Lima, TIWP Student I am angry at you, World! I am angry because you pick and push and shove and cut until I can reach your standards I am angry because you have standards I am angry because I can’t break free of your standards I am angry because you tell me to […]

Shooting Stars

By Sofia Ruiz, TIWP student   “But how did you not see it?” “I don’t know! I swear I’ve been looking this whole time.” “Ugh the first shooting star of the night and you miss it! And I was so worried about you seeing it I didn’t get to make my wish!” “Ugh, I’m sorry! […]

She Is A Woman

By Julia Lima, TIWP Student She is a woman. She has been shamed by this world for her anger. What once was her ally has transformed into an immense war beast. She is suffering, suppressed, strong. She is unsociable, unstable, unleashed. She is shamed and shushed and shining. She is ready for her power to […]