Saffi (an excerpt)

By Scarlett Mosher, TIWP Student Saffi wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth. The mixture of metal and dust lay in a thin layer across her tongue, sucking the water from her mouth. Everything felt dry. Even her ripped, blood-soaked legs felt like bones dried by desert winds. She wasn’t sure if it […]

I Met God

By Neena Grewal, TIWP Student I met god in a river off the coast of India. I was young and naive and never said hello back. Her hair tickles my collarbone, breaths soft and peaceful against my neck. Beside me, the Atlantic Ocean passes through a layer of glass and 35,000 feet of turbulent air. […]


By Lizzie Arroyo, TIWP Student I’m probably the most socially awkward person you’ll ever meet. And not like the cute socially awkward where your voice goes a little high-pitched and childish, and your smile’s all demure, and it doesn’t make people feel uncomfortable. No, my awkwardness is professional. My voice goes into a monotone, I […]


By Lucy Terhar, TIWP Student Anger. Where does anger come from? It never starts off as anger. It comes from somewhere. It comes from something or someone that makes you upset or annoyed. It might be a mask to cover up sadness. It could be a reflex to protect yourself from being hurt because you […]

The Gods Are Dead

By Alexia Tzortzis, TIWP Student Zeus sits at a bar and orders a thousand drinks, smiling at girls who see him and think of the pepper spray tucked into their sleeves. Hera waits at home, with the numbers of all the girls and their Facebook pages open. She wants to tell them to take her […]

If I Die Before My Sister

By Neena Grewal, TIWP Student If I die before my sister, tell her to paint my coffin. Get her canary yellow, burnt sienna, bloody red, and beg her to cover the black lid in color—so bright it almost seems silly to cry over it. Tell her to paint the ocean we visited, the lavender that […]

Ultimate Rebirth

By Julia Lima, TIWP Student she decided to rebirth herself she started with her body she stripped off the rubbery layer of skin from her loose limbs she peeled off her wounds her scars her souvenirs next she moved to her heart she scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed until the thick layer of dust had […]

Love Yourself

By Amy, Age 14, TIWP Student Look at her. Her hair, her nails, her skin, her style – everything about her is flawless. She could pull off any look. You could never be like her. You try, but you try too hard, it backfires, and then you care too little. While she’s still there, perfect […]

On Aging and Revolution

By Elizabeth Perlman (Elizabeth is the Executive Director of TIWP, whose girl’s empowerment space was recently taken over by a woman’s “permanent cosmetics” salon. The irony is not lost on us!) Yesterday, I looked at the ever-darkening circles under my eyes and shuddered. “God help me,” I always say, as if God should be bothered […]

Honey Violets

By Neena Grewal, TIWP Student There were lots of interesting things in the shop across from Dodie’s Bees, according to Dodie himself. The first on the list were the painstakingly painted handles of garden shovels, varying from heights the size of Dodie’s palm to sizes tall enough to brush his rib cage. They were painted […]