A Creative Community for Young People

The Intuitive Voice is the digital publishing wing of The Intuitive Writing Project, a writing-based self-empowerment program for girls and gender-expansive youth. The Intuitive Voice was created to give young writers a platform for their vision and their talents, a safe place to tell the stories that aren’t being shared anywhere else. We are here to nurture the creative brilliance of young people and to build a world of creative self-trust, a world in which everyone feels empowered to speak from the heart and declare what they know to be true.

Whether it is poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction, our students write from a place of deep self-awareness and intuitive insight, informed by everything from The Heroine’s Journey to feminist theory, from the Restorative Journalism movement to the idea of Restorative Narratives. By embracing complexity and offering outside-the-box solutions, The Intuitive Voice is joining this rising tide of responsible, restorative, and transformative storytelling.

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