Long Sentences, Mercilessly Monologuing a Spoiler-Free Advertisement While Forcing You to Feel My Pain

By Hannah Shagan, TIWP Student There are books that define the fantasy genre and I have only read a few. Mysteries with Poe. Dystopian with Shelley. They feel old but you can almost imagine a person putting pen to paper. However, fantasy feels older, like it draws something from the depths of the primordial earth. […]

Brave Heart, Maya

By Maya Petzoldt, TIWP Student I click the power button on the side of my phone, feel a moment of relief as I feel the button give way, the sound ring clear, and my phone screen go dark. No longer am I reading a Lord of the Rings fanfiction, not a Hobbit fanfiction, no contemplating […]

Dear Crispin Leigh Smith

By Hazel Smith, TIWP Student i didn’t get to say goodbye. this is what i would’ve said if we could’ve talked one last time. i love you. you are so special to me. your love for your family, your career, your drive, and your positive attitude inspire me every. day. and i’m going to miss […]


By Sarah Hawkins, TIWP Student For the longest time, I saw friendship as a revolving door.Friends come and go, each a holding place for the next.A casual occurrence, like waves in an ocean.An ongoing line, from time to time, place to place, and in every part of my life, new friendships arise pushing away the old. […]

Dear Reader

By Maeve Clinger, TIWP Student Dear reader,  I know. I know how you think about me before giving in to sleep. I know how you tell yourself you will never love anybody other than me. I know how you base your entire existence on me.  I know, and I understand. But I don’t exist. I […]

James Joyce

By Hannah Shagan, TIWP Student One day we went to this wonderful Italian restaurant for my dad’s birthday. It was in Lafayette on a street full of hit-or-miss restaurants and we were going in blind. We walked through their front garden in the settling November dusk. They brought us through a hobbit hole hallway, round […]

The Praying Mantis

By Audrey Lambert, TIWP Alumna On the day before I started my junior year through a computer screen, I watched a praying mantis walk into the ocean. I tried to stop it, but the surf rolled over the top of my barefoot and I watched it get washed away with sand and sea foam. All […]

Let the Adults Handle It

By Reese Langdon, TIWP Student I didn’t believe them when they told me it was out of my control“Let the adults handle it” they would sayAnd these words were followed by sickening, screeching, silence, as I held my breath. . .When I was a kid, all I wanted was to “let the adults handle it,” […]

Dear World

By Katerina Bonderud, TIWP Student Dear World,  First, to this Earth, thank you. Thank you for being so nurturing and forgiving. You have handed out an olive branch through all our learning and growth as a species. You recycle yourself so you can endlessly give your care. You are beautiful with every mountain and valley […]

Happy Birthday

By Adia Lee, TIWP Student I often think back to the night my friend and I spent planning her birthday dinner and finally set the plan in motion on April 24th, the day of her 13th birthday. I think back to the moment it was instantly ruined, when we finally got our food, and the […]