By Lisa Danylchuk, TIWP Women’s Writing Program

I am an ocean 
full of life 
within me 
entire communities 
of organisms thriving 
going about their days 
I am a biodiverse environment 
I am a space 
for creation 
within me 
the wisdom of the whales 
the playful spirit of the dolphin 
the rage of the tsunami 
the smooth reflective surface that allows you 
to look in 
and see yourself 
and everything in life 
with perfect clarity 
tides pull 
and push 
forming my heartbeat 
if I feel like it 
I might just invite you in 
but you’ll know pretty quickly 
if it’s not a good day 
for a swim 
you’re welcome to come visit
I offer generously 
things that 
will nourish you 
but if you take more 
than you need 
or than I can give sustainably 
we both will suffer 
I am an ocean full of love 
we are part of each other 
you and me
we are nature 
humbly made of earth 
cosmically birthed
from the stars 
existing here together
I am an ocean 
full of light

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