Time Can Only Tell

By Katerina Bonderud, TIWP Student What if time told the story? Like the story of how everything plays out. Our mind which runs on a hamster wheel every waking moment of the day… and our lips! Our lips which pop, click, whistle, and sing, form the words that our mind tells us to speak. But […]

Phasing: Part I

By Mira Dente, TIWP student The first thing I recognized was darkness. Suffocating blackness, surrounding me on all sides. Then came light, a blinding wave of brightness, forcing my eyes to open. One by one, my senses returned to me. First touch, the realization that I was in a bed, on top of sheets, under […]

The Story of Two Blueberries

By Katerina Bonderud, TIWP Student All curious eyes were hidden behind the curtain of their eyelids. “I brought something for you this morning.” The monotone voice spilled into throughout room. I hope it’s food… Is it money? I didn’t ask for anything… What did he bring us? I don’t care what you brought, I don’t […]


By Tenley Thompson, TIWP Student Waking up comes in stages. Time is sandy under her tongue, and the scratchy clock sees only stars reflected in its face in the unplaceable hours when the sky flickers brighter, uncloaked constellations, drowning in moonlight. Cool drafts of not-wind settle over her eyes-nose-mouth like the limestone-granite-slate that stacks the […]

The Pond

By Cate Foy, TIWP Student bubbles pop at the surface of a pond that looks serene. the bubbles mark the end of a life that went unseen. beneath the placid ponds pretense sinks a ship without a sail. words that weep through whispers wild this fatality from a false fail. have I failed you wondering […]

An Exploration in “The Social Anxiety Filled Coffee Shop”

By Nitya Uthayakumar, TIWP Student This is the only coffee shop in town that has absolutely no seating, so you are bound to be stuck in front of someone at a table, awkwardly trying to mind your business and get work done. For some people that sounds amazing, a way to spice up their day […]

The Beach

By Aly Kirke, TIWP Student I’m sitting on the stone floor of a cell I don’t belong in and the only thing I can do to get out is close my eyes. I’m at the beach. The waves crash gently, spraying me with salty tears of joy. The breeze is chilled, but not cold, and […]

Linear (As If You Have A Say)

By Tenley Thompson, TIWP Student Some people are afraid of being forgotten. They make it so obvious, disguising their uncertainty with loud opinions and passionate everyday missions. No one calls them out on it, because charisma is catching and we all half wish we could play the part with more than our own paper-thin confidence. […]


By Audrey Lambert, TIWP Student I hate to admit that I miss you, that my feelings for you still haven’t changed, that when I think of you I get this unbelievably giddy feeling. But giddy isn’t the right word. It’s like my heart has reached past the point of beating too fast and its movements […]

I’ll Be My Own Flying Buttress

By Tenley Thompson, TIWP Student It’s easier to fall in love with places than people, because places live on, undying. They change, but not as much as people do; the basic foundations are all still the same. Buildings don’t lose their brilliance when they chip and gather musty darkness in the crevices; even when they’re […]