By Lisa Danylchuk, TIWP Women’s Writing Program

One foot 
in front of
the other 
Softly they land
in rhythm 
connecting to 
the earth 
the sand
the dirt 
it’s shade evolving 
from brown 
to red 
to purple 
to gravel 
leaves drop down 
while others cling
to the trees 
the cold air of morning 
turns warm 
embraces my skin 
as water rises 
to its surface 
left foot 
right foot 
breathing out 
and in 
the motion becomes 
profound stillness
as Time slips away 
ideas arise 
thoughts sort through
one foot 
and the other 
as the trail 
guides me forward 
the wind 
is at my back 
a celebration awaits 
if I can continue 
this absorption 
one foot 
the other 
Beauty surrounds me 
I depend on the elements 
the delicate balance 
of effort 
and ease 
of water 
and food 
of right 
and left 
one foot 
the other 
all connected 
to one body 
as the mind settles 
and recognizes 
it is not separate 
from any of it 
from the feet 
the earth 
the air 
the water 
moving through 
I am nature 
and when I set foot on the trail 
I know it in my bones

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