Beyond the Ballot Box

By Maureen Brown, TIWP Co-founder and Director of Operations and Strategy “Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing there is a field. I will meet you there.” —Rumi Let’s not argue about who is right. Unity won’t be possible if either side claims moral superiority. We can’t move forward believing those who voted […]

Voldemort Vs. Love

( A Love Letter ) By Elizabeth Perlman “When people try to bury you, remind yourself you are a seed.” —Matshona Dhliwayo “How is this happening?” the texts kept streaming in. Over the course of the last six hours, I have stomped the ground, pounded the bar, scratched at my face, gaped at the TV, […]


By Yvette Givvin, Women of Wisdom student I hate busy. This pace, this race to nowhere To what, for what end? It’s a mob running out of the theatre but did anyone stop to realize there is no fire?


By Elizabeth Perlman, Founder & Executive Director of The Intuitive Writing Project “I’m searching for something that I can’t reach.” —Halsey, from Ghost Although I don’t like the self-negating theme of this particular song, I always want to cry when I hear Halsey’s voice: “My ghost, where’d you go? What happened to the Soul that you […]

A Window into Life on the Inside

By Hannah Tennant, Guest contributor “Tennant!” a deep voice boomed. As I heard my last name, I stepped forward, and handed my driver’s license to the correctional officer through a slot at the bottom of the window he was staring at me through. Taking my license in his hand, he eyed me carefully, sizing me up. […]

Harvard Won’t Make You Happy

By Melissa Quiter, Editor-in-Chief I ran into the worst student I ever had in my 10 years as a high school teacher earlier this week, and he is really happy. I was heading into a community center with my two young children for an event, and there he was, holding open the door for a group […]

The Intuitive Voice Takes Flight

By Melissa Quiter, Editor-in-Chief When I was a teenager, I had conviction. I had principles. I had passion. I was invincible. I fought for what I believed in. Now I am 38, and I’m pretty tired. In many ways, my world is smaller. My goals are simpler. My fights are with my toddler and not […]