Rapunzel – the real story

By Lena Matthews, TIWP Student

I hated that stupid girl. All she ever talked about was hair, makeup and boys. Princes, Princes, Princes, Princes!!!! You see, that is why I had to lock her up. You see, I never meant to keep Rapunzel there forever. I just wanted her to change. To not be so rude and snobbish. To stop picking on the young ones. You see how dumb I was. I never expected that stupid prince to come, he ruined everything! My plan was to get Rapunzel and lock her up in her tower. Then she would be stuck, alone. She couldn’t contact anyone but me. My hope was that in isolation she would stop being so annoying. But I never accounted for that stupid prince. I thought they were all as fed up with her as I was. Apparently I was wrong. One night he came riding in on his big, stupid horse to save his big, stupid princes. He left me with a big, stupid tower and a big, stupid punishment.

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