By Lena Matthews, TIWP Student

The petal drifted down 
bustled by the wind
No choice but going down, down down 
No choice but going down
Passing trees
Then bushes flowers buds
Beaten by the rain 
Blown by the wind 
Dried by the sun 
Covered by the snow
Living through seasons 
Summers winters 
The petal drifted down 
Landing on the pavement 
Getting stepped on by boots 
Big boots, small boots
Tennis shoes, flip flops
Houses were built
People died
People lived
Water ebbed 
Water flowed
All in the short lifetime of a petal
Now petals live 
Now petals die 
Some petals fall 
Some petals fly
Some petals in pots
Some petals in meadows 
Some petals in vases
Some petals on trees
Some petals on bushes 
Some petals, some petals, some petals for you

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