Childhood Summer

By Scarlett Mosher, TIWP Student

Sickly sweet lavender,
sweeter than rainbow popsicle stains.
Sweeter than sunlight and curling rose leaves,
lazy shadows on sunburnt legs,
spiny hands of oak leaves beneath t-shirt backs.
Suffocating summer air,
stuffy and pressing, a hot towel to a sick forehead,
tasting the hum of bees,
echo of pool water shifting in the hills.
Stretched days pant with a drooling tongue;
the clock ticks slower to savor its summer time.
Tears dry up before they can leave freckled cheeks
as summer sun moves to summer night.
A twilight symphony,
of curling smoke and firefly flutes.
A midsummer’s night dream, sharp grass playing Shakespeare’s men,
and the ladybugs play the pearl-donned ladies,
laughter fills the lanterns,
warming the temperate night.
Hot-tub bubbles floating towards the sky,
the smell of chlorine and stale baby carrots fill the air,
dawn breaks
and the day starts again.

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