By Ellen Jurgens, TIWP Student

Who has power?
I have power, says the man.
Can’t we all have power?
Do we all want power, says the man.
I want power, says the woman.

Who has power?
The superhero, says the boy.
My mom, says the girl.
Will they have power?
Who will give our children power?

I wonder if power is measured in
our control over others or our ability to control ourselves?

We want to be powerful
but are powerful people truly full of power?
Power is people waiting for you to tell them what to do.
Power is lonely, isolating.
Power that’s given to you is temporary.

A person without power is powerless.
But a powerful person without power is still powerful.
They have recognized their power and it is not temporary.

Powerful people don’t need to be given power
because they have given it to themselves.

Who has power?
You do.
Give yourself power.

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