By Julia Lima, TIWP Student

the way it feels
to set foot in your sweet, thick air
to see your green covered back
to smell my memories revived
is like no other

the taste of your fruit
pink, yellow, green, purple
the sound of little feet and little beaks and little wings
as the moon rises
the sting of the sun
on my starved skin
are engraved on my soul

to watch the people that walk your streets
your people
my people
my hair, my eyes, my legs, my waist
all around me
is a comfort
i never knew i was missing

your flavors
the ones i can never forget
the ones that will never be matched
are irreplaceable

nowhere else in this world
can i find people with hearts so big
people with laughter so loud
people with a touch so gentle
like when i am with you

your stars shine don’t shine the same way
your grass grows like no other
your birds sing different songs

i’m sorry to have left you
to not have been able
to worship you as much as i should
but Motherland,
know that when i leave you
you never leave me

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