Take It Back

By Cate Foy, TIWP Student

I wish I could go back and take it away,

take away my words from her memories and our truths.

Existence is finite.

I will end.

I beg you
miss me as I miss you


I beg you
feel as I feel.


I beg I beg I beg
that life lies.

Does death lie?

Let me take it back.

Were you mad?

Did you see?

Do you see?

Watch me and see me and feel me and be here,
be with me or be with her or be with him or be with someone
but don’t be gone.

You never knew why I joked?

You know I loved you?


then not as much.

Why not as much?

I hope to see you soon,

but not for a long time.

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