The Issues of Our Country Through the Eyes of a Thirteen Year Old

By Maxine Pollock, TIWP Student

I just think there are some things that need saying. Some problems are out there that need a voice. Is it sad that I have to sit here for 15 minutes and wonder where to start? Do I begin with the abuse of women or mass shootings? Would you like me to talk about the president? How about the fires burning throughout California? Should I dive further into how women only get paid 70% the amount men do for the same job? There has been a whole lot of talk but very little meaningful action on that front. What about how the media objectifies women through photos and hateful comments? I can think of a relevant topic; mass shootings! Did you know that 12 people died last night because some mentally incompetent man open fired in a bar that college kids went to because they thought it was safe? Are you aware that all the president did was type out a 16 word condolence on his twitter account? That he is taking no action to keep guns out of the hands of those incapable of using them safely? My middle school had a lockdown drill yesterday which ended with the librarian in tears because she taught at a school that had an intruder. This is the reality we live in. We can talk all we want, but nothing will change if proper action isn’t taken. So stand up. Find your voice. Do something.

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