The End of the World

By Kelly Dissman, TIWP Student

The year is 2050. Today I’m going to be the first teen to fly to the moon. I won’t go alone, of course. My dad is an astronaut and he’s been to the moon before, so he will come with me along with 3 other adults. Usually, space ships only fit one person, but this one can fit five.

Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to fly to the moon. I was born in 2036, so I’m 14 years old. I never thought I’d fly to the moon so early in my life.

I’ve done a lot of preparing for this trip. The past few years I’ve done so much training and learning about what to do if something goes wrong in space. Once I got into the space ship, I had a bad feeling. Something wasn’t right. As the ground started to shake, we took off and left Earth.

We all had devices connected to the people on earth so we could hear them. We heard voices on our devices asking us how we were doing. We all responded that we were doing good. The people on earth kept talking with us to make sure we were okay, when suddenly all their devices turned off.

I immediately panicked, since now we don’t have a connection to earth. What happened?

We could still interact with the other people in the space ship, since those devices didn’t turn off. Everyone was panicking since nobody knew what was going on. Three days passed until we finally landed on the moon. There was still no connection to earth.

The minute I stepped foot on the moon, it felt like a whole new world. And it was. I loved bouncing on the moon but I couldn’t stop thinking about if something went wrong, we wouldn’t be able to call for help.

Earth looked way different from the moon. In fact, it wasn’t the same at all. “Why does earth look like that? It looks like the whole world has ended!” I exclaimed into the device of my space suit.

The land looked like it was in different shapes, and there was way more water. “Something strange happened to earth,” my dad said nervously.

We spent several months on the moon, when we decided to go back to earth a month early and see what had happened. The trip back took four long days. It felt like we were never going to arrive back until we did. The minute we landed, I immediately realized that we had landed safely, and that nothing dangerous happened on the moon.

That feeling of relief didn’t last long when we got out and everything was destroyed on earth, even the space station.

All of us were shocked. We were asking each other what had happened, but nobody knew the answer.

It looked like a giant natural disaster. But how did the world look so different? “A natural disaster must have triggered a bunch of them. It’s like dominoes,” one of the adults that came on the trip with us told us.

“So the world did end! I was right!” I said.

As were walked around, we saw that all the buildings, roads, cars, everything got destroyed.

The air smelled smokey as we realized there was probably many fires nearby. Now we’re the only five people left on earth. We could tell by the way of the sound. There were no loud cars. No birds chirping. No dogs barking.

“We aren’t alone,” I told everyone as they all looked at me confused. “What about all the people who were in planes when the natural disasters occurred?” I asked. “Most of them must’ve landed when the natural disaster was still happening,” someone said.

“But what if they weren’t near one? What if they did survive?” I asked curiously as I tried to stay optimistic.

“There’s no way to find out. If there are any survivors they are thousands of miles away.”

All we could hear was our heavy breathing as we panicked at the thought of being stuck without transportation. Although there might be very few people left on earth, we’d soon realize we weren’t alone.

After exactly two long days of staying put and deciding on how to survive, we witnessed something we never thought was possible.

I was the person who saw it first. I walked away from the four others as I layed down with the hot sun on me as I closed my eyes and slept. I was immediately awakened by a loud sound of what sounded like a loud airplane.

I got up and looked up into the sky at the giant flying saucer.

It was coming to earth!

I got up quickly and bolted to the others. I informed them the news, as I stared into the sky at the loud spaceship.

They were aliens. A lot of aliens filed out of the flying saucer that had landed. We couldn’t run or hide.

“We are going to take over this world!” they all yelled in unison

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