How To Be Successful

By Hannah Simmonds, TIWP Student

Is it the money, the education, the houses, the cars or the expensive jewelry? Or is it the joy, the wide open spaces, the faded blue jeans, laughing children and love? Why has America painted a picture of success and happiness as money and a full time job and a fancy house with a fancy car to match? When did we forget what love and acceptance feels like? Why do we think that we can be content with so many materialist things with no real emotional value? I hope one day I can live with the humble and do what makes me happy, with someone who truly loves me by my side. I hope to dance to the soundtrack of life, and never forget to count my blessings. I hope to make an impact. Not too big, but something. That is my favorite fairytale ending, to be surrounded by love and joy, wholesome and organic simplicity.

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