Daydreaming My Reality

By Isabella G., TIWP Student

I’m still daydreaming my reality into being.

I am asking the fates up above to weave a truth for me that I can cherish. 

I am anxious to learn how it will shape me.

I am anxious to embrace it because I know it will be filled with highs and lows.

And I want to climb the mountain that I can’t see it yet.

I agonize for the Milestone Moment —but living through a milestone has never been a strength of mine.

I don’t know how the wind will feel in my hair,
or what sounds my boots will make on the dirt,
or how my muscles will tire and recover.

 This hike remains a daydream for now.
And my fantasizing quite possibly sets me up for disappointment.
Or it sets important standards.

So this time of Nothing means I try to figure it all out and maybe if I scrub hard enough what’s best for me will appear.

I feel as if I am waiting patiently for this daydreaming period to be over. But I know that once it is in the past, all I want is time to dream.

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