The Evacuation Theorem

By Ashley Larson, TIWP Student

Guns on land.
Guns of different brands.
Gun that are small and guns that are grand.
Guns for hands.
Guns hidden in the Florida sand.
Guns still aren’t banned.

Fire away
mentally ill renegades.
Fire on this day.
Fire at school today.
Fire through the lung’s airway.
Fire at the gays.
Fire to earn pay.
Fire while children play.
What can I say?
Fire the wrong way.
Children are still dead anyway.
It’s Valentine’s Day.

Scream and run
just for fun!
Scream into the blazing sun!
The children are stunned.
It’s a handgun.
Help, someone!
Wait, he’s not done!
Too late!
Oh no!
He’s won.

Death tolls rise with the ill.
All is still.
Oh God, he’s back!
Run to the hill!
With a loud BANG, your spine chills.
We need new legislative bills.
He’s getting his fill
on children to kill.
Run back or get grilled.
Death toll was nill
but rises with the ill.
He didn’t take his pills.
Hurry, write your will.
BANG-BANG! And now
all is still.

It’s over now.
Only a “few torched brows.”
Revenge, he vowed.
How could the government allow
that the children have now
been shocked by the pow
of a gunman somehow
who got away and bowed?

One final thing.
If you hear a ding,
it’s probably the sound of a gun’s last ring.
He thinks he’s a king.
And now many Americans sing.
For the innocent children
who flew away with angel wings.

1 Response

  1. beingateenager101

    You’re writing is a force to be reckoned with, ashley. I really hope more people get the privilege to read this and hear your powerful message.


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