The ABC’s

By Emily C., TIWP Student

I am an abstract aardvark, answering astonishing arguments.
I am a blubbering balloon, baffled by the big brain.
I am a curious centipede, crawling to cure craziness.
I am a defiant dog, defending deliberate discussions.
I am an enormous elephant, evening everyone’s emptiness.
I am a ferocious feline, finding fresh fruit of familiarity.
I am a gorgeous, grateful ghost, grading the gorey grains of gratitude.
I am a heavy horse, heaving helpless horrific hearts.
I am an immense igloo, intensely investing in infinities.
I am a juggling jigsaw, jumping from jiggling jaws to justice.
I am a kicking kangaroo, keeping kind kin in a knapsack.
I am a lying leopard, littering love and lights.
I am a moping mole, muttering must-have messages to messed-up masses.
I am neutrally neurotic, nagging new and nutty nations.
I am an opponent of optimism, opening odd ordeals.
I am a packed present, presented to a prissy princess with a pony.
I am a questioning quail, always quizzing queens about their queries.
I am a respected role-model, ruling out ruthless routines.
I am a shattering salvation, slithering slyly around something suspicious.
I am a tremendous treachery, teaching toddlers to tend to the truth.
I am a useful, but unnecessary and unanswered uncertainty.
I am a very vicious and violent vision, varying in velocities.
I am a wobbling, weary wonder, who wanders wherever, whenever.
I am a xciting xerox, xamining xcerpts of xhilarating xercises.
I am a yearning and yabbering yuck, yelling at yodeling youngsters.
I am a zealous zigzag, zipping zesty zebras to zombie zoos.

I am an absolutely beautiful conscience, dodging evil, fake, garbage hearings, involving jagged knives, lethal mental notes, only postponed quickly, relating strange thoughts used very wisely, xploiting youthful zen.

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