Tell Her

By Izzy G., TIWP Student

Tell the daughter she is fragile like a bird.
She is fragile and can’t be spoiled,
not spoiled and not sheltered,
not left behind the shoulder,
or alone on the bench,
not looking in the mirror and afraid of what looks back.
It takes time for the fragile shell to crack.
It takes time for her confidence to shine through.

Tell the daughter she is strong as a rose
because her strength is delicate and unique
just like a lone rose in a garden,
with beauty to lure,
and thorns to guard.
Her strength is a blossom.

Tell the daughter she is deep as a word.
She has a grip.
She can puncture beneath the surface,
push the buttons,
break a heart,
mend it back together.
Her words have the capacity to reach the unreachable.

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