Ocean Sage

By Sophie Bubrick, TIWP Student
I love the sea. But I couldn’t love the sea without the air,
the salty, cold, invigorating air that nurtures
and makes anything seem possible.
I love closing my eyes in moments like that.
I love feeling sheltered from all the responsibilities and petty worries in life.
If I were to crinkle my toes into the warm, enveloping sand—
looking out at a blushing sunset because she knows she is beautiful—
I think I could see myself in her:
Poised, but not arrogant.
Well refined, but powerful.
Classy, with just a touch of timeless.
I love how the sea’s beauty is different from anything else.
When I look upon the churning waves,
dreams, memories, and sorrows are reflected back.
This is why I think the sea is beautiful,
projecting such misery and love in the calm and astounding story of the currents.
Love the sad.
Love the mistakes.
Because what would be worth remembering without these gorgeous faults?
A woman is not truly a woman if she is without flaws.
Our anger—full of roaring emotions in an array of vivid colors—
makes us the most powerful of mother nature’s accomplishments.
So don’t you see why the sea is beautiful?
Tears of joy, pain, experience, and wisdom
are what make our currents,
heavy with power that brings down man’s ship,
he who thinks he has the right to dominate the elements,
he who thinks he has the right to conquer us.
We are the ocean sage.

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