A To Do List of Love

By Megan Lewis, TIWP student

  1. Fall in love with the complexity of falling leaves in September.
  2. Take inspiration from your power to create—and your freedom to choose this power.
  3. Understand that what you love may someday break your heart.
  4. Find small beauties in common places like bus stops or coffee stands. Take note of the people there with you. They will not be here forever.
  5. Spend your evenings the way you want to spend them—whether it’s under the stars or catching up on the sleep you refuse to admit that you need.
  6. Make dinner with your mom sometimes, regardless of your workload.
  7. Spend your free time doing things that fill you with joy and gratitude.
  8. Take pictures—they’ll mean so much to you one day.
  9. Fall in love. Stay in love. It will clarify everything one day.

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