A Child of Sun and Moon and Stars

By Hannah Brown, TIWP student


A child of sun and moon and stars,

Angel kisses graced her skin.

Stormy skies resided

Behind her tormented eyes.

Wishing for a shooting star

To light the hopes within.

The dreams resting on her collarbones,

Fueled by cold seeping through her fingertips.

Warmth leaving her hands

As they clutched onto icy grass.

Smoky patterns released in frigid air

Momentarily obscured her view

Of swirling galaxies above the atmosphere.

Hands dug deep in earth,

She longed for moonbeams to bring her home.

The fears carved into her skin

Cried out for love,

An emotion solely brought about

By the moon,

The stars,

And the sun.


Her voice carried with the wind,

A desperate plea for flight.

Awful thoughts trickled from her lips.

Ones of loneliness and sorrow,

Needing to lessen the space

Between her and the worlds above.

Every tear a piece of her soul

Taken by the earth:

A world built on


And fake appraisals of worth.

Everything doomed

To suffocate in dirt.

Decomposing skeletons

Providing for future generations.


She didn’t want to be forgotten.

She was screaming for them

To remember her.

For if she died they would separate.

A layer of lost life between


And what had always been there

Bearing witness to the insignificant things.

Songs sung to the sky,

Dances created with partners of shadow,

Feeling sacrificed to the bitter air.

All the while believing the ones who truly cared

Were remnants of the sun and moon and stars.

Providing strength

So she stands up again.

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