Your Unfettered Howl

By Izzy G., TIWP Student

You pin up your hair and buckle your shoes and smile in the mirror. You like the way the gravel sounds when it grinds underneath your sneakers. The wind makes your nose pink and you dream of the day when the love and care for yourself radiates around you in a bubble, so that no one else’s ignorance can reach your heart. You have the words in you, but you lack the confidence to let them out.

We want you to fly.

The world needs you to bloom.

Your unapologetic screams should no longer remain hidden in your heart or in your soul. They should travel through the sound waves in the ocean to the whales, up to the stars in the sky—because they are all you need for validation.

Your open hands and your loving heart will carry you far past tomorrow. Spend less time staring at your toes and believe in the magic within you. Let all of life be guided by your unfettered howl.

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