The River

By Hannah Brown, TIWP student It all started on the bank of the river near their mother’s house. One reached into the icy currents and picked up a rock. The other grabbed it and the jagged edges ripped through the soft skin on his palm. Both stared mesmerized at the droplets falling into the water, […]

A Child of Sun and Moon and Stars

By Hannah Brown, TIWP student   A child of sun and moon and stars, Angel kisses graced her skin. Stormy skies resided Behind her tormented eyes. Wishing for a shooting star To light the hopes within. The dreams resting on her collarbones, Fueled by cold seeping through her fingertips. Warmth leaving her hands As they […]


By Hannah Brown, TIWP student No one sees her. That girl in the corner. The one sipping her tea With a strand of hair Trapped between her lips, Is exploring new galaxies within a book. One placed on the table in the corner. Her index finger lightly rests On the words she reads, As her mouth […]

You’re Enough

By Hannah Brown, TIWP student You’re enough.  I know I don’t tell you this as much as I should, and I know I’m just trying to tape you back together.  I understand that society’s constraints are wrapping around your hands and your mind, the words pounding at your temple and tugging on your vocal chords. […]


By Hannah Brown, TIWP student No is a powerful word. It can be freeing and empowering. You should not be okay giving more than you are able, and more than they deserve. It can be frightening, to shut someone down, but sometimes it is the only way to open yourself up. When someone is doing […]