You’re Enough

By Hannah Brown, TIWP student

You’re enough.  I know I don’t tell you this as much as I should, and I know I’m just trying to tape you back together.  I understand that society’s constraints are wrapping around your hands and your mind, the words pounding at your temple and tugging on your vocal chords.

You don’t need to give everything.  Whether it’s secrets or love or even just effort, please stop draining yourself so others can be full.  When you give away pieces of yourself they can’t always complete others.  Nine times out of ten it’s like a child attempting to cram a square into a triangle-shaped hole.  The only person who deserves your blood, sweat, and tears is you.  True friends won’t tear you apart so that they can pretend to be fixed with a broken down soul that doesn’t fit their puzzle.

Names don’t define you.  If others are screaming at you to fall apart it’s only so they can feed off the decay.

Grades don’t create you.  In a society where your future is determined by a test that can’t describe you, don’t let it control you.

The world needs you to take care of yourself so that others can benefit from your wisdom.  Don’t donate to people that would destroy it without a second thought.  Don’t volunteer for those who would exploit you.

Give words, not skin.

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