We Don’t Always Speak With Words

By Loryn Nieto, TIWP student

You see, we don’t always speak with words.

Our hands squeeze feelings and trace messages

about how the breeze feels and how the sun gets hot.

Our heartbeats run for miles in the green springtime,

and they slow

when they come across peaceful meadows

filled with tulips.

And they like it there.

Sometimes our ears laugh, and when they do,

our eyes smile.

It’s a beautiful thing when our eyes smile,

because yours are the ocean at high tide and who knew

the sea could grin.

But our best conversations are when

our minds are electric.

Together they listen


and smile without mouths

because they know they hear the same song and feel the same stars.

And amidst all the bright lights flashing green and red

you can still somehow see the blue meteors up ahead.

That’s when our eyes make wishes.

They make them without slipping a single sound or a single word,

yet somehow you know exactly what I wished for.

So you see,

we don’t always speak with words.

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