The Sea

By Viviana Sanchez, TIWP Student

The sea, of course, the sea

The sea, the pearls, the sand, the sea

Meddles and mixed where ought not to be

reclusive, reluctant, full of Wim and woe is she

Noble and static as can be

In and from the sea

That is where she will lay, the salty place she shall stay

A home of wind and foam, she floats upon her watery tomb

Turquoise depths and needless frets

SoCals summers, bare foot, far gone

A prepackaged teenaged dream,

A brunette, a blonde

Perfect curls, summer dresses

Impressive and expensive

Cruel and kind is she

She is of the sea

Aphrodite, a sweet queen upon the shore

Pastel and shell shaped

A figure born of foam and salt

Cream and ocean

The summer was her golden hour

A time to relish rain showers and soft power

Her booming time, her fresh cut rhyme

Her reason to shine

Because she is of the sea

the sea, of course, the sea

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