Flesh and Bone

By Viviana Sanchez, TIWP Student

To understand the philosophy of a yearning heart

To feel the cobweb of wired words

Is to cut of the hydra’s head

And dig yourself in deeper

Oscillating between highly spiritual and magnificently scientific

The brain is a battle field of the holdable and the emotional

I suppose human nature injects into our blood the want

to grasp existence in the palm and understand the richness of the galaxy

Only the body prevents us and forces us to live one life, one love, one breath, one run through existence

Doubt is combed through the hair, brushed over the teeth, and sticks to the brain like hard candy

Sometimes when the white noise behind your eyes begins to burn

or the rock salt in your soul starts to cut, you think about leaving

To say goodbye, is to shed heavy wings and sleep forever

Of course there is no forever

The universe will eventually fizzle out

And only time will march on

But time is a human construct bound to Earth

So it too is limited to the human race

You can never stay with someone forever

So why make the promise?

Why buy the ring or braid the bracelet?

Human sentimentality and feverish alien hope

Goodbye is not easier either though

Enviable yet painful

A letter to a love, a poem to a friend

An ending,

A person leaving, clean and cut

The last breath, the final page

Get closure by closing the book

But quickly you find that does nothing for the characters

They live in your mind not the page

So as you breathe, they pester your consciousness

Same with your past’s ghosts

They linger, on finger tips, tangible and tastable

So maybe you should seize a mankind’s forever

Why not?

A goodbye is impractical and forever is impossible

Why not settle for the rest of our life’s?

You look at me

Ok, you whisper

And I lean back and here is where will spend the rest of our fleeing, whimsical existence

as two beings of flesh and bone

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