Choose Your Own Adventure . . . if you dare!

By Gwyneth Ayers, TIWP Student

Once upon a time, there was a boy and his parents who moved into a giant mansion. They got to the door and saw a letter that read: GO UPSTAIRS, BUT DON’T GO INTO THE ROOM ON THE RIGHT. They listened to the warning and didn’t go in there. But at midnight they heard eerie singing coming from the room on the right.

Do you:
A. Go in the room or
B. Ignore it?

A. You go into the room and meet a ghost with scarlet red skin. She gets mad at you and traps you and then starves you to death. The end. 

B. You ignore the sound and then there’s a tapping sound just like the singing. Then there’s a knock on the door. Continue.

Do you: 
C. Open the door or 
D. Ignore it?

C. Your best friend is on the other side and takes you and your parents outside to the car, and you drive away to somewhere safe. Continue.

D. The ghost is on the other side and comes in and kills you. The end.

You are riding in the car with your best friend. You get to an apartment and unpack your bags. AGAIN. But this time there is no warning at the door. Every single thing is normal. You go into your room, but you haven’t checked the attic or upstairs. You go to the staircase but there’s a trail of BLOOD.

Do you:
E. Follow the trail or
F. Go in your room?

E. You follow the trail of blood up the stairs, and at the top there is a murderer holding a knife. He kills you. The end.

F. You go into your room and lock the door. But then someone rings the doorbell.

Do you:
G. Unlock the door and answer it or
H. Ignore it?

G. You unlock the door and open it and someone is there to save you. You all drive away, leaving the apartment behind. Continue.

H. The murderer enters anyways, finds the bedroom door, smashes it down, and kills you. The end.

You are on the highway with the person and your parents. You had packed your clothes, a knife, and a bag of apples. The person driving you looks vaguely familiar, but you can’t quite remember him. Suddenly, the driver pulls off the road and turns around to look at you. “I’m the murderer,” he says. You scream and try to figure out what to do. The car doors are locked and you can’t break a window.

Do you:
I. Try to kill the murderer or
J. Try to escape?

I. You try to kill him and it works! Continue. 
J. You try to escape but you aren’t fast enough. He kills you. The end.

You killed the murderer but now you’re stuck on a road. You look on your phone and there’s a car store 2 miles away.

Do you:
K. Stay where you are or
L. Walk to the car store?

K. You stay where you are but run out of food and starve to death. The end.

L. You find the car store and buy the cheapest car there. Continue.

You and your parents drive away and buy an apartment. It’s 100% No Ghost Proof. But when you open the door, a white shadow crosses over you. You go upstairs. It looks like there is only one ghost. And no murderers. Phew. It looks like you are safe for now . . . 

Do you:
M. Stay in the new apartment or
N. Go to your old house?

M. You stay in the new apartment and the ghost breaks down the door and kills you. The end.

N. You return to your old house and find no ghosts. You wake up and realize this has been a dream.

Do you:
O. Try to wake up or
P. Keep watching the dream?

O. You try to wake up but you can’t. You die but you get reborn. You live! Continue.

P. You keep watching the dream and you die. Now you have to do this in real life. The end.

You go home and no ghosts have taken over your home. You are finally safe. You hear the doorbell ring.

Do you:
Q. Answer it or
R. Ignore it?

Q. You walk over to the door and answer it. Outside is the pizza man. You take the pizza and eat it. You live happily ever after.

R. You ignore the doorbell but soon run out of food. Before you fell asleep you remember calling the pizza man. Eventually you starve to death. The end.

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