Harvest Moon

By Emma Stokes, TIWP Student

When you were here we danced in those old fields. The sign would always say do not enter and at first, I didn’t want to. Then you look at me and asked if I trusted you and I did. So we spent hours dancing, laughing, and rolling in those fields and I think I almost got bitten by ticks 800 times but it was all worth it. We got chased out every time and we would laugh with our hands clutched together as the old man would yell at us. But every year we would come back. When you were here. This year I went to those fields not trusting anybody. I tried to dance but the moonlight couldn’t hold me quite the way you used to. I wonder if you can see the moon tonight. I heard the lady on the news call it one of the seemingly big harvest moons northern California has seen in a long time. The fields feel so empty now. The light from the moon can’t replace the light that I’m missing in my arms. The old man’s footsteps are in the distance. I never noticed how loud he was until now. So I’ll get up and start walking out. I don’t think I’ll come back next year.

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