Compatible Signs

By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student

I never thought it would be you,
Blond hair,
Green eyes,
That smile,
But I love how you walk
And swoon at your words
And get lost in your voice for a while.

And when you don’t text me back,
I’m not trying to be clingy, I swear,
But I hang onto the space between those three dots
And feel like I’ve run out of air.

I said,
‘You’re so annoying,
I might just end you,’
You said,
‘Go on, do it now’
I said ‘I can’t’
You said ‘Why not?’
I said ‘I kinda like having you around’

And I think I just might be
A child again,
Can’t control the blush on my cheeks,
But I looked up our signs
And the internet said,
That you would be mine in just weeks.

I know the internet lies more than me
And what it says is almost never true,
But please,
God, please
Out of all the things,
Let it just be right about you.

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