Fabric in the Wind

By Leighton Tanaka, TIWP Student

I emerged from the stuffy basement, and was surprised by the sights that lay before me. Muted flags streaked through the air as a strong wind blew dust through the streets. Immediately securing my mask to my face I looked to the tan skies, where the tall buildings of the city quickly became obscured. I saw some people staring at me from behind closed windows, I clutched my bag tighter and waved to them. I tried to seem friendly enough, hopefully they wouldn’t think anything of this encounter.

Suddenly, a man emerged from behind me, breathing audibly and stomping so hard he shook the earth. Freezing in my place, I dreaded his voice as he approached me. I waited for him to breathe down my neck before I glanced at the people once again and took off.

I ran through the streets, breathing in the flaming breeze that flowed through the town. Sweat trickled down my neck as I dodged sluggish people out roaming the streets. Dust stung in my eyes but I couldn’t stop to wipe them. Even if I could’ve, I wouldn’t have been able to due to the contaminated state of my hands.

The orange veil coated the building which I entered in, struggling to open the door against the will of the storm. Breathing heavily, I hurried up the stairs, I made it up to the top floor, crouching behind a piano. A broken window let in the violent air, blowing stray pieces of paper through the room. This room was once lit with fluorescent lights that buzzed irritatingly, now they were all left without power, forever unlit.
I heard the mans vigorous stomping behind the door before I felt his stare at the back of my head.
“you…” he muttered, I could feel him pointing at me, accusing me. I hugged my loot tight to my chest and then stood up, holding my hands up as if surrendering. I smiled lightly at him, studied the rage in his eyes. Though behind those eyes I knew they held guilt, just as mine do, just as they all do. The wind rattled the windows, the floor creaked with every step I took, vibrant fabrics flew past the building in the wind. I couldn’t quite make out his expression in the darkness, but I could feel his seething resentment.
I knew just how much he must hate me, maybe just as much as I do myself, but that is why I must do this. A battered magenta flag fluttered into the room and caught on my leg. As I slowly moved to remove it, he charged towards me.

I laughed and stepped backwards, out of the window and into the air. I was whipped around like a piece of fabric in the wind, I heard him stomp on the piano as I plummeted.

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