Dear World

By Katerina Bonderud, TIWP Student

Dear World, 

First, to this Earth, thank you. Thank you for being so nurturing and forgiving. You have handed out an olive branch through all our learning and growth as a species. You recycle yourself so you can endlessly give your care. You are beautiful with every mountain and valley you behold. You bless us all with every sunrise and sunset that you paint. You hold so many breathtaking secret utopias, mountains, and oceans. You have birthed so much fantastic diversity and adversity. You know how to teach lessons ruthlessly, and you have boundaries. It is not your fault that people have thrown cannons, missiles, and atomic bombs across that boundary. You are allowed to push back. Please stand your ground.

Second, to humans, what are you doing? Do you realize what you are throwing away? Stop looking just to astronomers for answers and look to all other flipping scientists screaming for you to STOP. I know you are in it for the money. Even communist China has switched in recent decades to a money-hungry society. What happened to love thy neighbor? I’m not just talking to Christians right now. I’m calling out Russia and politicians and calling for protection of fundamental human rights, kindness to that random stranger, an open heart to people spiraling out of control, and a hug to a tree that legit makes oxygen to help you breathe. 

Kindness is not such a big ask. If it is, I’m sorry you have been hurt. I’m sorry this World has not been everything you dreamed it to be. I’m sorry about your insecurities. I am not sorry for your actions that have harmed another. I’m repulsed by any actions you choose to inflict pain over stepping away and being a better person. Life is short. And as my angsty middle school self would say to a bully, “Thank you for spending your time and energy trying to make someone’s day bad. Thank you for choosing to hurt someone. And thank you so much for trying to nudge others in that direction.” It is sarcasm, of course, to point out that what you are doing is not cool.

Third, to my people who choose love, you have an immeasurable value. We need more of you in this World. You are a king or queen, hoping your actions may have the butterfly effect. Your actions instill moments of happiness in another. And that joy may pass to another, then to another, then to another, and billions more. You bring light to this World. Do not let anyone dim that light. If someone does–and there are bound to be people who try–remember that your thoughts, words, and actions are diamonds. Your light can’t be taken away so effortlessly. It is expensive and luxurious, so many people would die to have a small piece of it. So don’t let someone steal your beam of light only to hide it in the dark, never to be seen again.

Fourth, to all things living, because being alive means you eventually won’t be: you only live once. So do whatever the heck you want, but kindly. It’s genuinely impossible to have everyone like you. The more people that like you mean more people that loath you. Do what makes you happy. It doesn’t have to make sense to another. 

Lastly, to all of the above, send more love to the Earth. That goes for you, too, Earth; if self-love to you looks like cutting out those unethical big corporation buggers, so be it. 

Someone who cares a lot

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