My First Miss

By Olivia Falk, TIWP Student

You never miss
A skilled archer, aimed with intention
Young and beautiful you forever draw me in
I had a mission
To make you mine
And just like you,
I never miss
We danced each other into love,
neither one making missteps
Light on our toes,
we both knew what we were doing
We were one of the same,
matched in malice and craft
Together we never missed In the shadows,
we laughed,
the dark couldn’t keep us contained
In the light,
we lounged,
letting hours pass in the afternoon warmth
You hit me like a missile
Shattering my world to reveal a new one
And just when you felt like it,
when trust silently found its way inside me,
you fractured my heart
I never miss
I never miss
I never miss
But you made me miss you
And now you’re missing
And a part of me is missing too

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