The Room

By Lily St. Clair-Foster, TIWP student

Room, what is a room? She knows you’ll say three walls and a door. But she disagrees. A room is a space big enough to fit stuff comfortably. Comfortable… one of the many things that didn’t describe this “Room.” It was small and disclosed, far enough into a corner that most people ignored it. And Where was the girl currently? In that said room, huddled under the mountains of junk and weird gadgets, completely still. The floors squeaks.

“No,” she whimpered “please.” . . .

“Yes,” the thing replied in a bitterly sweet tone. “Come out dear, it’s rude to hide from guests.”

Mother, no not mother, her but not her, family but not family.

“Anya?” The women posing as her mother calls out right outside the door.

Anya fights to keep silent, waiting for the intruder to go away. One thought prominent in Anya’s head: “What happened to the Green family…?”

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