The Gulls

By Lily St. Clair-Foster, TIWP Student

I’m floating in water. Next to me, Nana is bobbing on her back, looking up at the same blue sky, her arms trailing behind her in slow unrushed motions. I take a deep breath, closing my eyes as I try to hear stuff with my ears submerged. Seagulls scream above us, their cries sounding off but I ignored it because of the icy water clogging my ears. I open my eyes to see the birds dipping and diving, twirling and twisting. Almost as if they were trying to escape something. As I turn on my side my blood runs colder than the Atlantic Ocean. With one ear now out of the water I could hear screams, human screams. With a gasp of horror I realize they are coming from the seagulls. As I look over to Nana, I see her already in a state of shock much of my own. As I catch a glimpse of movement from the sky my dazed mind finally wakes with a jolt. For all the seagulls were now diving straight towards us. As we release a blood curdling screech I feel something grab my ankle pulling me under the tide right before the things get me, the feeling almost like wet kelp.

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