Never Let Go

By Emma Stokes, TIWP Student

I don’t know how to do anything anymore. I can’t walk without feeling your hand missing from mine. I can’t talk without missing your witty responses. I can’t sleep without your arms around me. I can’t bear to look at your photos. I can’t shine without feeling like you are missing. I am a lighthouse with no light. A car with no engine. A photo album with no photos. I am nothing without you. I know that’s not how you want me to think but it’s true. You are a name on my lips with no meaning. Our days aren’t for us anymore. This love isn’t ours anymore but I’ll hold on to it like I don’t know how to let go. I won’t let go. I’ll be surprised when you remember me. I’ll miss you every day. I’ll never walk the same way home because I’ll always end up at your house and your mom will say hi and I will start to cry because she looks so much like you. She misses you too. We all do. As much as I’d like to shut you out I know if you came back I would accept you with my arms wide open and never let you go.

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