My Economy

By Emma Stokes, TIWP Student

I hate inflation
Not economically
But the inflation that happens when you start to raise your standards and realize I’m not as amazing as you thought
The inflation were you move on and the value of our love goes up but makes it less meaningful
One day it will happen
I’m not prepared
My economy will crumble and crash
But I was born on a stock market crash so maybe it’s fitting
Inflation were you move on like every one always does
Please just stay a little longer I promise I can give you what you want
I promise fight all the dragons for both of us
I need to let go of how it used to be back in the “good old days”
You need to move on and so do I
But I’m holding on the the last bit of love like it’s the cliff I’ve wanted to jump off but can’t seem to let go

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