Love Me

By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student

Ivy climbing into the holes in my heart,
Clenching harder and harder,
Till we all fall apart.

Air balloons will drift me away
From this world in black and white,
I wish it was grey.

Kindergarten lanterns
No real fire,
Let go of what you believe
Fly higher, higher, higher

We’ll test our limits
Until we crack,
You can’t tell when you’ve gone too far,
Until you can’t turn back.

Paint my world a pretty color,
Of blues and pinks and greens,
Then cover it up with opaque darkness,
And right there you’ve got me.

Mirrors are like knives
The cracks in the glass spreading,
I can’t breathe
I can’t think
The things that time has been shredding.

Sometimes I can’t remember her smile,
The glitter fades from my fingers
I cry in gasps of something unnamed,
But this feeling still lingers.

This icky sticky feeling,
That clings to me like honey.
And all I can say
As the ground falls away
Miss me.
Want me.
Love me.

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