Wild Nights

By Viviana Sanchez, TIWP Student

Wild nights!
These strange delights
So dark and scarlet in our embrace
In our candle light
Burning in ours eyes which 1000 of your tears cannot extinguish
We wear lace in the dead of night
Sewn from a 1000 doe lashes
Locked ashed fingers because we fear together
Out the door and past the sea oh’ the sea, filled with desire and dark lips of my beloved
Into the forest where my mind tells me its me who I’m looking for laying on the ground it’s always been me
Like lighting I see the steel cage which belongs to thee
Pistols burn and eyes are dipped in wax
Blackbird wing on the track
I mourn for these oily eyes
I long to be an angel with sugar powder wings and tongue
But oh the sky
Heavens skin that sittings on the heart
Your my fragile heart of glass tears
I sob for the abyss beloved I do
But scars become wings my beloved
And I shall fly a thousand times

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