By Maxine Pollock, TIWP Student

My dress swished against the tall grass as I ran. The white linen brushed the feathery reeds, each speaking in a brief moment of connection before I was gone. The ground was damp underfoot, my bare feet propelled by the bounce of the earth. My long dress swished over the dirt and turned dark at the bottom. I kept running. I could feel the wind now. It tantalized my skin and tickled my cheeks with its cold welcome. My eyes started to water and the world turned golden by the setting sun grew blurry. I kept running. I could feel the ocean air now. The salty sweetness of the sea breeze rushed over me as I ran toward the sun. I took a deep breath to take it in. I kept running. I could feel the anticipation now. I didn’t stop until I reached the edge. The sun was halfway gone. I watched until it was just a sliver on the blue horizon. Before the night took over the sun gave us one last thing to remember it by. Pinks and oranges and yellows were painted in the sky. The cloudless evening gave way to purples and reds. I stood there and watched as day turned to night in the sky. I exhaled. I could feel freedom now.

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