Six-Word Story

By Katerina Bonderud, TIWP Student

Black person, white cops, and bullshit.

See human and human, nothing more.

Court reversed innocent until proven guilty.

Before he walked in, he lost.

He was the captain of basketball.

He was having fun with friends.

Sure, he was a bit loud.

Can people not just have fun?

No, everyone should go have fun!

Ah of course, my bad sir.

So then what about this boy?

This boy was doing way more.

Oh really, what was it sir?

The courtroom silenced. Oh how interesting.

This situation is black and white.

Black person, white cops, nothing more.

Oh but there is much more.

Why is this a situation? Why?

Maybe just see humans, nothing more.

So this courtroom could be no more.

Black person, white cops, and bullshit.


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